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We love Dominical, it’s a nice town, but if you’ve ever been to Costa Rica’s Golden Coast, Guanacaste in the Northwest part of the country, then you know that it’s truly where the very best beaches and surfing spots are! It is not a coincidence why most expats that choose Costa Rica as their new home, choose to live in Guanacaste.

In Guanacaste you will find 50+ gorgeous beaches up and down the coast, surrounded by tranquil towns and very friendly locals that always have a smile on their faces :-) But another benefit of being located up this way, is while you have the natural beauty and beaches practically to yourself, you are much closer to healthcare, hospitals, and schools.

Dominical Costa Rica Real EstateWithin Guanacaste, you will find some of the best surf breaks in Latin America. Our favorite for many reasons is Little Hawaii surf break right in front of the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club. This is an exclusive beach community with world-class amenities that has one of the best breaks in the world, and the best part, it’s practically private, for you to enjoy with few other surfers in the water!

We build most of our luxury beach villas inside Hacienda Pinilla Resort, within walking distance of Little Hawaii surf break, and also steps away from all the resort amenities. Check out everything you will enjoy steps away from our villas – CLICK HERE

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Dominical Costa Rica Real EstateSo long from Costa Rica!! :-)
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