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Homes For Sale in Tamarindo
Homes For Sale in Tamarindo

Our Tamarindo real estate for sale – luxury homes and condos – come with many advantages:

Location, location, location
As you know, the holy grail of real estate is always the location of your property. Our luxury beach properties always have a great location, with world-class amenities steps away from each villa – making us, we feel the best possible place to look for Tamarindo real estate for sale. Amenities like white-sand beaches, Beach Club, golf course, tennis and pickleball courts, close to restaurants/bars/nightlife, hiking, running and mountain biking trails, equestrian center, shops, markets, grocery stores, basically anything you want and need is at your fingertips! Our villas and condos are located in safe resorts, gated communities and exclusive areas, so you have peace of mind and can enjoy all the great things and nature that Costa Rica has to offer.

Many builders take short cuts. Our promise to you is that we will not take any short cuts with any part of the construction process to save on costs. We will build each home and condo as if it was for ourselves to live in. We would want someone that built a house we buy to do the same for us, so we act accordingly. Good karma is good business :-)

Experiential Real Estate
You will not simply be buying a home from us, but will be taken in as a local – we’ll show you all the typical Costa Rican experiences, customs, local food spots, festivals and more, that make Guanacaste a magical place, so you feel at home right away!

You’ll have the best of both worlds, enjoying a peaceful 5-star resort with world-class amenities and many fun activities, yet also knowing how Costa Ricans live, what they do, how they think, and mingling for many unforgettable experiences and activities!

Rental Return On Investment
All our villas and condos are built and located in desirable high-end vacation areas for thousands of foreigners coming from around the world, this means rental income for you (if you wish to rent your new investment!). You can enjoy the benefits of the new “AirBnb/TripAdvisor economy,” just like thousands of other owners in Costa Rica and around the world.

We’ll give you the best rental advice available in Costa Rica so you can be on your way to having a successful property vacation rental!

Financing – International Mortgages for Costa Rica
If you should need it, we offer easy financing options, with low international interest rates, you get to pick the length of time that works best for you – 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 years – with no early payment penalty.

The main reason we offer our own financing on all of our Tamarindo real estate for sale is because 9 years ago when we built our first villa at Hacienda Pinilla it was impossible for us to obtain financing from any US/Costa Rica bank, even though we both had credit scores of over 800. The only bank that would give us credit charged us an 18% annual interest rate, it was simply too high. So with hard work and 5 years of savings, we finally were able to build our first villa at Hacienda Pinilla.

This was tough, but we’re very happy we did it, as we now love our low stress life filled with daily sunsets, outdoor activities and nature.

We want others to be able to buy the luxury beach villa of their dreams in Costa Rica, without having to wait and save for 5 years like we did … so you can do it now :-)

Eco Friendly
We try our best to minimize environmental impact while building each of our homes, and most importantly, we implement initiatives that not only benefit nature and save water, but also save you money on bills each month, some of the green benefits you’ll enjoy at our homes are:

  • Dry gardens (low water use, will save you on irrigation bills during dry season)
  • Individual AC’s (as a Central AC System in Guanacaste will cost you more money on power bills each month)
  • LED lighting on majority of lights
  • Water saving eco luxury showers
  • Eco water filtration system
  • Eco water heaters
  • Optimal roof/house positioning for best use of light/shade

We invite you to please check out our Reviews page – CLICK HERE. You will find hundreds of past buyer and guest reviews about us.

Jorge is from Costa Rica and Stephanie is from the USA, this allows us to have two different perspectives when it comes to building, taking advantage of Jorge’s local trusted contacts, and Stephanie’s perspective as a foreigner in Costa Rica, knowing well US building standards and luxury amenities needed.

We would be honored to build and sell you the house or condo of your dreams in Costa Rica. You never know, you might end up being our neighbor in Hacienda Pinilla or another part of Costa Rica! :-)