Houses For Sale in Jaco Costa Rica

Houses For Sale in Jaco Costa RicaYou’ve probably visited Costa Rica several times, loved it, and are now looking to living here either part or full time. We did that 8 years ago and absolutely love the tranquil life we live now :-)

There are many houses for sale in Jaco Costa Rica, but after exploring all of Costa Rica, we settled in the northwestern part of the country, called Guanacaste. The gorgeous white sand beaches there have no comparison, and there are lots of them up and down the coast! Guanacaste is one of the world’s Blue Zones, where people live the longest and happiest in the world, so we thought why not live in a place where everyone is happy and lives a long time, right?!

The magic you feel in Guanacaste is unexplainable, things here move at their own pace, people are very friendly, and food is delicious and healthy. We love exploring all the local “sodas” that serve Costa Rica’s typical local dish, the Casado!

Houses For Sale in Jaco Costa RicaAfter starting, operating for 8 years, and recently selling a successful vacation rental business, we are now building and selling affordable luxury beach homes in Guanacaste, at a place that we both love, Hacienda Pinilla Resort. We are also among the only builders in Costa Rica who offer financing!

Hacienda Pinilla real estate is on the rise in the last few years, and we like making other people’s dreams come true, providing them with the home of their dreams, and offering our own financing if needed.

Check out our Hacienda Pinilla real estate and Tamarindo real estate offerings and more about what we do, CLICK HERE

We know how tough if was for us to get any financing at all when we started, we actually were never able to obtain financing, it was our families that helped us out, so now we offer financing to buyers, to make it easier for people that love Costa Rica to buy their dream home here. Our financing is very flexible, with competitive international rates, and length of time – 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 years, fixed rates and no early payment penalty. Check out our financing options, CLICK HERE

Houses For Sale in Jaco Costa RicaSo when looking for houses for sale in Jaco Costa Rica, come check out Guanacaste and we think that you’ll fall in love with this part of Costa Rica!

Pura vida!!
Stephanie and Jorge Morera
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