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Tamarindo Property For SaleRight now is a great time to be looking for Tamarindo property for sale – all generations are coming down to Costa Rica these days … boomers are enjoying a well-deserved retirement; adventure seeking millennials are looking for a fun and healthy lifestyle; and families of all ages are choosing to raise their children in this small tropical paradise!

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Costa Rica has one of the world’s 6 Blue Zones.  These are places where people live the longest, happiest and healthiest … in other words longevity super powers.  Most of our villas are located in the Nicoya Peninsula, in the heart of Hacienda Pinilla real estate and the Blue Zone.  It’s common here to find locals that are over 90 years old and living with good health.

Costa Rica is also consistently ranked as the #1 happiest country in the world.  You can see this just by talking to any local, they will always be friendly, smiling, and ready to show you a good time or help you with anything you need :-)

Tamarindo Property For SaleSo living in Costa Rica means that you will be living in a place where people live long and happy … that’s the main goal in life, right?!

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Whether you’re thinking of moving to Costa Rica full or part time, this country is special. Your stress will be lower living here, and your lifestyle will be healthier, starting with the food at the local “Sodas”, delicious and healthy at the same time, yummy! We’ll show you the ropes and help share the customs and local tips so you can hit the ground running – and get the true local Costa Rican experience.

Tamarindo Property For SalePura vida!! :-)

Stephanie and Jorge Morera

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